Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Look who is 4!!

Master the Met

So back in March TJ did a fund raising event to help support the American Lung Association. They ran 42 flights of stairs. TJ said it was fun for the first 7 fights! :-D But he ran with a picture of my grandmother (Maw Maw) on his sleeve!! Maw has stage 4 lung cancer and their is nothing they can do for her. So if we cant help save her, at least we can find a cure and help save other peoples Grandparents!!

Winter Fun!

So this past winter was a little seemed like it would snow warm up snow warm up well you get the picture! :-D So our kiddos seem to be the age where they really LOVE the snow! :-( And as I am sure you all know their mother does not...haha so luckily their daddy would bring them out to here is a few snow day pictures! :-D

Lily's First Primary Activity

Ok so let me play a little catch up...back in January our Lily went into Primary (she is now a Sunbeam) Well in January we had our first Primary activity it was a get to know your teacher and introduction to this years theme!! It was a GREAT activity and Lily had a is a few pictures from it!!